Residential Services

Northern Lights HAVC was sourced out by a commercial property holding company to provide consultation on a building in London Ontario. The building was 300 Wellington downtown London Ontario and was looking to expand its leasable space by converting an unused space into a tenantable space to be used for a company that works on AMB machines (automated banking machines) This space would require cooling year-round as the equipment that was to be worked on produces a large heat load. An engineer was approached to design a system for the space and provided a VRF system (Variable Refrigerant Flow) with multiple heads with and HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) for fresh air. This system was quoted out by 3 companies with similar pricing with the highest being over $160k. Unfortunately for the client looking to move into the space, this was much over the budget that they had set out. When Watt HVAC was introduced to the project we looked at the specific needs of the space and said that we could confidently save the customer a great deal by suggesting a different type of system.

VRF systems are great in office buildings and spaces which require multiple different temperature settings in different areas all supplied by the same equipment. This area however only needed cooling to one single area thus not requiring the complex system of a multi zone VFR system. A simpler design sometimes suits the project more than a complex design when the design will not use the functions of this complex design. What we proposed was multiple split heat pumps with also utilizing the HRV for fresh air. This system while much less complex would provide the needed cooling for the open space and save costs on initial installation. After the 3 quotes came in the total savings for the project were almost 50% saving over $80,000 in total costs. This system has been up and running for over a year now and has had no issues since installation. Knowing what equipment is suitable for the installation is not only important, it can have incredible cost savings and drive your business to success.